COVID-19, Lesson To Be Learned From This, Youth Activisim Against This Pandemic And Human Resilience

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Coordinator of Youth and Sports Development Committee

Dipesh Kadel

Dhading . Scourge of pandemic COVID-19 which the world is recently facing is the shortsighted given by the god to make our mother earth free from all the cruelty that human being has been showing from the decades. It’s now high time to know the faults we have been showing time and again and to rectify our skimp towards the nature.
This evil faced pandemic COVID-19 which ding as a nightmare globally in each person today have taught many lessons to so called intelligent social beings i.e. humans. This pandemic is outcome as a curse of our negligence towards our environment despite of all those divine favour given by nature. Therefore it’s actually what we say “Karma pays back”.
Unwillingly the pandemic COVID-19 is spreading day by day and have taken away so many human lives. Here to control this pandemic strong role can be played by non other than youths. This is an era of social media and almost of the youths are found active in social media. A collective hustle of youths to imply message about how fatal is this pandemic and how to remain safe from this can keep people far from the attack of this virus to some extent. Instead of wasting hours in unwanted activities youths can spread knowledge and can help to control this pandemic.
Aside this what’s important is that people should perceive about the fact that this virus is somehow the result of our behavior to nature so it’s really essential to human to show resiliency towards our environment accepting the fact that it’s our responsibility to take care of our nature.

Dipesh Kadel ,Coordinator of Youth and Sports Development Committee Of benighat rorang -5 Dhading

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